Integrate CMS.NET(author Stephen Fraser) to DotNetNuke!

Hi every body,

I'm working on a project at my university.
I'm trying to integrate the CMS.NET as a module to DotNetNuke version 3.0.13. Anyone have any idea, please share it with me and other people?
Or anyone did it before?
Thanks in advance.

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Hmm. All info worth something is locked on the site for So it will be hard to give you any special pointers. One need not only to register, but wome sort of code, which I do not have....


So I will give more general pointers. Start with the whitepaper in your dnn folder. Even if you find it hard or does not understand it all. It will give you some referances. Get a dnn book. There will be a new one published by the core team any day now. But as for this moment I know of only one Dnn book. Then there are articles to study, google for help and also some videos on the topic: is free and very good I am told.

Try, here you must pay some $ to download but also good I am told. They are supposed to have more videos to choose from.

And there is This site I know nothing about.


Good luck. Let us know how it works out.


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5/16/2005 8:53:11 AM