If one creates a table including PortalID, ModuleID and UserID, and for some records, they are 'global', like 'all portals', 'all modules', or 'all users'...

Is there standard in DNN for a default number?  I know that UserID
of -1 is nono, because this means (I think) Host user, correct? 
And PortalID of 0 is default portal.  What is safe default number
to use in those records?  I searched through source code for DNN,
all are hardcoded numbers, no 'DEFAULT_ALLPORTALS As Integer = x' or
like that.  Does anyone have suggestion on what I use?  Is
only alternative for NULL (which make query more difficult)?  I
purchased the? book on DotNetNuke, and hope that some of these infos I
would find, but it is mild treatment of DotNetNuke.  Lots of 'you
should investigate this more'.  Meant more for users than
programmers which ok.  Hey, it's great there is documentations
over the issued, and payment is worth for to support the product!

But it is necessary I find a correct answer for this.  Any help I owe you for!  Perhaps point an example to I do not find?

8/5/2005 7:49:52 AM
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This is second time I ask question, yet never hear a response.  Do
I ask wrong?  I apologize for my English.  I will be
better!  Is there standard for this?
8/5/2005 3:08:12 PM
I think one thing you could do is make a flag that says they are global or you can create stored procs that ignore moduleid portalid etc etc - that seems easier
Dylan Barber
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8/5/2005 9:36:08 PM
Thank you CodeGalaxy.  I think this is my problem.  I think
there is hard-coded standard for ignore moduleid but it is not written
anywhere.  Core team not make seperat tables for table for one
module or all modules right?  It is one table.  I very much
appreciate you offer help though!
8/6/2005 6:27:36 AM
Well, this forum is mostly like crazy person talking to oneself. 
I find the solution my self.  I offer it to Codegalaxy, since he
is only one in 3 weeks to offer a solution, to what any member or
person that is programmer knows.  there is a /common/nulls.vb file
which contains all this this info.  So hard for people on this
board to actually help someone.  And search is for dogs.
8/20/2005 1:03:41 AM
The people on these forums are generally helpful. I just don't think there is an answer to your problems at this time. You will have to come up with a solution that fits your needs. I like the idea that -1,0, and 1 could have a consistent meaning throughout and normal portals, users, modules start numbering at 2. but this would require lots of changes.

-1 could be reserved (like the host account)
0 could mean all
1 could mean default or current

All day dreaming aside, generally I see some posts not get answered and its usually because of a few small reasons:
The topic is not within or too complex for the scope of this forum.
The question is not asked clearly.
So many new posts have been made, the topic falls to page 2 too quickly.


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8/20/2005 4:36:35 AM

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