How to change user's Role on DNN 3.2.2

1. On DNN 3.2.2  when a user registers on my site He/she gets Administrator Role bu default.  How to change it so new user get "registered user"  Role?

2. I sign on as Admin, I go to users accounts, magane user role, there is no update button on this screen. So I can not change a role for a user?  How can I resolve this.  

Thanks Ray


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Are you trying to stop them from being publicly able to be administrators?

I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do - hve you modified some of the security roles and set them to public or something?

Nina Meiers

Nina Meiers

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12/30/2005 12:24:01 AM

Hi there

My site registration is set to Verified.

I have a Xmod classified module that system allows every user to modify all the ads on the system (not just their own ads). My analysis is that every user get administrators Role. How do I know this (sign on as Admin, select "user accounts", select a user to edit, click "Manage role for user", the security Role box contains "Administrators") Doesn't this box suppose to contain "registered user"?    Am I right on this or I am missing somthing?

Also there is no update button on the "Manage role for user" screen. What is up with this?


12/30/2005 7:34:14 AM

This is resolved. It was a misunderstanding of how security worked.Smile [:)]

1/7/2006 9:01:53 PM

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