Error installing for SQL Server

What can cause the installation error:

DotNetNuke Upgrade Error

ERROR: Could not connect to database.

Login failed for user 'Nuke'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.


my web.config connection string is
 <add key="SiteSqlServer" value="Server=ELIZA;Database=DotNetNuke;uid=Nuke;pwd=;" />

here's a screenshot of my sql server db and user, web.config, and the error message

many thanks in advance

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Problem was: SQL server was setup only for Windows Authentication

To fix:
1) Right click on SQLServer name in your SQLServer Enterprise Manager utility (menu is delayed)
2) Select Properties
3) Select Security Tab
4) Change the Security Setting to "Windows and SQL Server"
5) Note, you'll have to restart your server for this to take effect

But... if you get past this error then get something like cannot find stored procedure dbo.gethost then you may have to do a fresh DotNetNuke install into a new dir and Virtual Dir and kill the old ones, and old db and recreate, adding the user back in with dbo permissions

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