Dropdown list only selects first value

I have a dropdownlist that is populated with from a common list. The control is populated correctly but when I submit the value is reset to the first Item in the list.

For example:
I have a dropdown with the following values

  • value1
  • value2
  • value3
No matter which item I select the value saved to the database is value1.
What am I doing wrong?

Fixed this one myself.  Left databind outside postback conditional statement.  Couldn't see the forest for the trees.

6/6/2005 5:42:48 PM
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Hmmm. We're having a similar problem. We have a modified ContactUs module that allows the user to select a subject from a dropdown list. For some reason it always selects the first value in the list no matter what the user selected. But the really strange thing is that one internal user who tries it on the same page/module works fine. I thought it might be a browser issue since I was using FireFox and him, IE but it's not. Another tester using IE has the same issue. So for some reason for most users it's reseting or not saving the selected value of the dropdown but for at least one user it is. Any ideas on this?

7/12/2006 1:23:35 PM
Ok, here it is. I knew this was a bug in FireFox way back but I also knew it worked fine in IE at the time. I even poseted to FireFox's bug tracker at the time. If you don't use unique values in your dropdown list it can cause this bug to appear. At the time it seemed as though FireFox was re-populating the control after a postback using the value instead of the index and that IE correctly used the index. Now it seems IE has the same problem. Being in a DNN module I'm also wondering if the nesting of the control could bring about the issue. For an example say you have a dropdown list with 3 items, "Sub1", "Sub2", and "Sub3" and the value is set to the same thing for each one, let's say an email address. No matter which item you pick, after postback it sets the selected item to Sub1. If we change it to use ID's for the value and then query the database for the email after the postback it then works. But I can see a lot of situations where you may want to have the same values for more than one item. Very strange. Has anyone else run into this before?

7/12/2006 4:02:56 PM
This makes sense to me now. Posting the form causes the value to be passed not the index. I guess what I was thinking of with the firefox bug was that if you used the back button to go back to the form it would not set the correct item if values were not unique but in IE it did. Still not sure why on one pc running IE we cannot reproduce the current issue though.

7/12/2006 4:26:52 PM

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