DNN 3.1.1 Source install issue

Here's a problem recently solved.

Trying to upgrade to 3.1.1 from 3.0.13 using the source version.

In the web.config the SqlDataProvider was registered with a object qualifier "dnn_".

But the original 3.0.13 was created with that setting at "". So this created an issue becasue the upgraded version was looking for tables like "dnn_Tabs" but the system's table was still named "Tabs". Tricky. Frustrating. Solved.

Be sure to check that config setting if you go to install or upgrade using the source project. I think most people don't use that setting. You might even call that a release packaging bug, but I'm not trying to split hairs.

-Aaron Osterby
www.osterby.com (podcast)
9/2/2005 7:58:59 AM
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There is NO web.config contained in the download packages anymore, so YOU have to merge your existing web.config and the release.config on updates. Be sure you keep encryption keys, SQL connection string and object qualifier!
Sebastian Leupold
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DNN Project UserDefinedTable
9/2/2005 8:50:19 AM

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