DNN 2.0.4 User Registration Email

I have just upgraded to DNN 2.0.4 and my new users are not getting the registration Email.  I am getting the Email that says that they have registered.  The bulk Email works.  I have the User Registration set to Verified.  Am I missing something?  Please help me if you can.

5/7/2004 1:03:35 PM
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After some more testing I have found that the bulk Email only works if I send it to myself.
5/7/2004 2:35:13 PM
sorry, I'm new but did you setup an SMTP USER and SMTP Password in the host settings? I know exchange can be particular.

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5/7/2004 4:05:37 PM
Yes I have.
5/7/2004 5:57:01 PM
I got it to work!  I changed the smtp password to bob and clicked update.  I then verified that my Email did not work at all now.  I then changed the smtp password back to what it was supposed to be and clicked update and now everything works!
5/7/2004 7:42:08 PM
if you update the host settings password will be lost also.

see the post here...
5/8/2004 5:25:04 AM

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