Difference Between DotNetNuke & IBS & Portal Starter Kit

What is the difference between a "Source Project" and "Starter Kit"? 

Specifically, the DotNetNuke & IBS & Portal Starter Kit?
They all seem identical with obvious visual changes, but seem to do/provide same functionality.

10/17/2003 1:29:04 AM
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- VB.net and C#
- Started January 2002
- Static codebase
- Cannot support multiple portals from one database out of the box.
- SQL Server/MSDE
Portal Starter Kit
- basically a small refresh of IBuySpy released in mid Feb. 2003
- moved some global items to a cached XML file to save on DB calls
- fixed some bugs
- VB.net core with a active and growing code base (version 2.0 will be the 12th release in less than a year) supported by a core team of over 30 developers
- DNN's goal is to give you the basics (at 20+ basic modules, it still has over 10 additional modules over IBS) out of the box and let you add those modules that are necessary for your implementation. The private assembly type Modules that DNN uses makes adding a module as simple as uploading a file through the browser. DNN has many modules available both free and commercial but they are not included out of the box to allow for the greatest customization
- Shaun Walker released DNN (then known as IBuySpyWorkshop) around Christmas 2002. It started as a modified hybrid of IBS
- create and manage multiple portals from one codebase and database
- Multilevel menus, On-Tab module management, a rich text box editor, and many, many more enhancements have been added and the code structure has been re-architected in many ways.
- Skins will be included in the next major official release of DNN (2.0)
- Localization/Multi-language will be included in an upcoming official release of DNN
- Good Vendor and Ad management
- Currently uses SQL/MSDE but will add a Data Access Layer in the upcoming 2.0 official release which will let DNN be easily adapted to any database.
- nearly 30,000 registered users
- A community that is unmatched in a .Net portal framework. The DNN Forum (graciously provided by Microsoft and the ASP.Net Team, thanks guys) gets the most posts of any Source Discussion forum on ASP.Net including Microsoft's own I Buy Spy portal
Intangibles: IBuySpy is just too static and unmoving. Many new features are being developed for future releases of DNN and I feel DNN is the best, most well structured portal out there, but DNN has something that's hard to match and that is community interest and activity. DNN certainly has the buzz of the .Net Portal communities if you know what I mean. This is what ultimately drives most members here I think.
I hope you find DNN meets your requirements. I am firmly in belief that DNN is/will be the best Free Open Source .Net Portal framework available. Stick around you'll see that this is a great community.
My suggestion, Download it and install it, you will see the difference immediately if you have ever used IBS. (and you'll never go back!)
Happy DotNetNuking
Jeremy White
Webstone, LLC
My DNN Blog
10/17/2003 11:36:57 AM
Wow!  That's way more information that I had hoped for!  Thanks for taking the time to craft the response.

I have a couple of concerns about moving to dotNetNuke:
1 - How much time is involved in getting dotNetNuke up and running as compared to the others.
2 - I am a C# programmer and haven't programmed in VB since it was VB6.

Given that my perferred language is C#, I am going to spend more time fighting with dotNetNuke to get it up and running and doing what I want.
10/17/2003 3:45:20 PM
I knew I left something out.  The dotnetnuke core framework is built in VB.net but you can create custom modules for DotNetNuke using ANY .Net language (by creating private assembies).  www.dotnetnuke.dk has several examples of creating add in modules using C#.

DNN takes me less than 5 minutes to get up and running, but I would say that the average beginner may take 15 minutes at most.
Secondly, the .Net classes have damn near identical syntax for C# and VB.Net. I would be surprised if a C# programmer of average experience couldn't follow the core code and probably even tweak it with a little refrence to some VB.Net documentation. With 2.0 we hope to generate a full API help file (using nDoc) to give details about each function and you will hopefully find the code decently commented. Plus you will alway get good help here in these forums. We're quite active, friendly, and helpful.
Hope this helps,
Jeremy White
Webstone, LLC
My DNN Blog
10/17/2003 4:44:51 PM
I also meant to say that with the skinning in place for 2.0, we hope to eliminate the major cause of developers NEEDING to mod the core.  (and hopefully this will make upgrading much easier after people move to 2.0.  Many people will still mod it but hopefully this will ease the upgrade burden on most users as we release new updates.

We are going through MS's patterns and practices papers now and applying MS's application blocks where we can. The first of these is the Data Application Block which forms the basis for the DAL of dotnetnuke 2.0. Next we are going to look at the Exception Management Block and possibly a few others after that. want the code to follow MS's most current programming guideline as much as possible. (which means it needs some work as we inherited a few bad things from IBS).
Again if you you need any help or have any questions, Let us know!
Happy DotNetNuking,
Jeremy White
Webstone, LLC
My DNN Blog
10/17/2003 4:54:39 PM
Ok, cool -- I am installing it right now.

What is the release date for 2.0?
10/17/2003 6:08:15 PM
2.0 SHOULD be in beta by about the end of this month. Release will follow that depending on bug fixes.
Matt Fraser
DotNetNuke Core Team
Liquid Platinum Technologies
10/17/2003 9:00:58 PM

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