Creating Parent or Child Portals and Home Directory: Portals/[PortalID] Customize

I have installed and used many separate DNN installs (one for each company or friend), but never created child or parent portals off 1 main DNN install.

I want to host a few sites for friends and small businesses using 1 DNN install and either parent or child portals off of that,  DNN 4.0.3 This will make upgrading going forward much easier I would assume. Just upgrade the one install of DNN instead of each install I host for friends.

….Question1: what do I use and why, Parent or Child? Advantages and Disadvantages of each

When I create a child portal, there is an option for Home Directory, that will auto populate to the next number starting from 0 then 1, 2......It also gives you the option to type in your own home directory name.. maybe something like,... myFamilySite

…..Questions2: Should I let DNN create the portal using the auto increment number((Portals/[PortalID]))? or should I type in a meaningful name like myFamilySite ,,, and what is the draw backs and advantages of both methods.

Thanks in advance!
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My understanding is that parent portals are for if you will have unique domain name for the site, while a child portal will be a folder off the parent domain, Other than that, they work the same. 

As far as changing the folder name, I have always just kept the default number. I never really paid much attention, but it seems that the functionality to give it a different name is disabled. I never tried messing with it though, so maybe there is a way to change it. If you are going to have a lot of child portals, it might be difficult to remember which number is for which portal. Then again, you could always look it up, or just keep a written list.
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