Could someone explain the DotNetNuke 'PageTitle' Module for me?

Hi, I've been *told* it's a Skin Object.  But it's NOT listed
under 'Skin Objects' in the Module Definitions, and when I add it to a
Page it does NOTHING.  When I go in and try to add a module to it,
since it appears to be mussing...the PageTitle.ascx file, I get an
error.  Me thinks there's a tag reference or some procedure that's
not explained anywhere, which could truly shed some light on someone
who's trying to do a first Skin Object.  

I can't 'add' it to a page as a module.  I can't add it as a skin object tag, since it's not listed w/other Skin Objects, so could someone give me a heads up on how I would go about getting it on *some* page, so I can then debug into it using ASP.NET and figure out what it is?  Thanks for any info!
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AlthougH i haven't really tried or worked with it, I know that you will have to install it first (just like you install a module) before you can use it in your skins.i
Geert Veenstra
6/4/2005 2:01:39 PM
Hey Geert:

Well, that's the thing.  You *can't* install it.  It's listed in the modules, but doesn't get added to a page for all I can see.  I even checked the TabModules table after trying to add it like 5 times.  Has anyone actually been able to add it to a page?  Or more precisely, to 'install it' to a page?  Because it doesn't work for all i can see, which is prolly something I'm doing wrong.

I mean,  I create a blank tab.  Go to add modules list, Click on 'Page Title', click add (to content pane). Nothing appears.  Nada. 

6/4/2005 2:41:24 PM
After you have installed it you use it in a skin. In an HTNL skin you add a [TOKEN] and then parse it or in a ascx skin you register it and add it as any other tag.
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6/4/2005 3:56:15 PM