Commercial modules not working in child portals

There are some commercial modules that don't work in child portals because they log off the users, even after using this patch: 

I think that, for a COMMERCIAL module, it must be MANDATORY to advise wether or not it can be used in child portals without limitations.
If this shall not happen, i suggest to maintain a free and public list of COMMERCIAL modules that log off users in child portals!!!
I'm just experiencing this problem with a commercial module, and am waiting for the author to solve the problem OR to advise about it before selling.
Fiorenzo Fraioli
9/4/2004 12:02:25 PM 25171 articles. 0 followers. Follow

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Make sure you get source with any modules. I know I have had to fix a couple I bought. =( And to think I was saving time when I bought them instead of writting them in the first place anyway. 

A list of modules like you meantion would be good. Also to have a list of modules that store data in the portals tables instead of their own.
9/4/2004 3:07:27 PM