All tables where deleted

I have been setting up DNN portals on my companys server.  I had a company site and a local boy scouts site. I had worked on these site for the last week, did not do a backup yet.  I am running DNN 3.1.1.
Saturday I added SimpleChat_V3 and Gallery modules.  The DNN Gallery beta did not install.  I add SimpleChat to my contacts page. Played with different page positions. This was going good then I got 'page cannot be displayed'.  Monday morning I am looking at my DotNetNuke database and I only see system tables. All dnn user tables have been dropped! I can see the dnn stored procedures.

I had time this spring to try DNN. But when I looked at my test site last week, it was broken.  Not noly were the dnn tables missing - the whole DotNetNuke Database was gone.  The dnnuser was still there.

Is this a SQL inject issue? 
Where can I read on DNN security?
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I'm sure it was not a SQL Injection issue.  All calls to the DB use stored procs and do not build dynamic sql that I know of.

I would see if you can get a copy of the transaction logs for your sql server to find out when it happened, and what use to start narrowing it down that way.

You might also check to make sure that the user you are connecting to the DB with is also the user that may have created the tables in the DB.
Just a guess, and you might already know this, but it might be that the tables are still there, but not accessible by the user that you arelooking in the DB with.

John M.

DotNetNuke Module for Performance
9/26/2005 5:40:04 PM
I used Enterise Manager as Administrator to view the tables - and notice only system tabes where there. I saw the all tables this way the day before,  just poking around.
Then I used Delete and then Create new Database in Enterise Manager. So the log is gone. 

 I wiped out the root directory and copied in 3.1.1, but the install never kicked in- error message like wrong version and cannot exec stored procedure. Stoping and restarting IIS each time. I overwrote root with the older 3.0.12 version, then overwrote with 3.1.1 and the install finally ran.
  Admin login gave error about ASP version- I ran the ASPnet_regIIS -c and that worked. ( wierd because i ran that a week ago to make 3.1.1 work the first time, why did the .Net Framework need to be registered again ?) 
   I have not found documentation for security settings for the SQL dnn user.  I have been using dnn as Owner since the default Private did not work.

I have a backup routine initated. I will try to save the transaction log if this happens again.
9/26/2005 8:05:27 PM
Thanks for the update David. Let us know if you find out anything else.

You shouldn't have had to re-register, all I can think of there is that it restarted your webserver when you did that, but you did say you had done that at one point.  Uploading 3.0.12 over your old app would have restarted it too.  What I usually do is just make a small change to Web.config so the app recycles, I rarely ever eed to restart IIS.

the DB user should have dbo or at the very least "create objects" authority.
John M.

DotNetNuke Module for Performance
9/26/2005 10:03:41 PM

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