3.2.2 upgrade/ install errors - Could not find stored procedure GetHostSettings

I am trying to move a site from one hosting company to another, bu am having problems.  I have tried a few different things which have not worked,  The original site was ver 3.0.1 which was successfully upgraded to 3.2.2.  

There are some differences between in the table names as the new site needs to have the ObjectQualifier and databaseowner are different. I got errors trying to copy the stored procedures. So:

This is my current plan.

1. clean install on the new site (ver 3.2.2)
2. modify web.config  (that works on the old site) to reflect the database changes.
(thus retaining the original  encryption and validaton keys - I do not understand the role of these keys anyway)
3. Test that the new 'clean' site works.
4. Use enterprise manager to migrate the tables from the old site to the new one - replacing the tables that were created with the clean install.
5. Drink a robust Bitter style Ale in celebration of a successful migration.

I am stuck on #3, getting  "Could not find stored procedure xxx.GetHostSettings'  error.
No tables or stored procedures are being created in the database.
I have removed dnn.config from the install directory - no help.
I am not sure if I need to use the new and different validation and encryption keys intead of the originals.

Any suggestions?

James Brown
Great Barrington, Mass USA
3/1/2006 11:00:30 PM
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