3.0.8 BUG: module set to appear on all pages is not created on new pages

Probably due to the redesign that allows many options regarding the display of modules (many thans for this, BTW)

The obvious workaround of unchecking, saving and checking again does work, so no urgency here :-)
1/6/2005 11:12:30 PM
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Yeah, but have you tried deleting it. Huhuhu, you better have a small site, otherwise you have to visit each page and delete it from there, or edit tables directly.
You died at the very end of your life
1/7/2005 1:56:56 AM
I have posted an issue in Gemini (DNN-413).  I thought this had been fixed, but we will check it out.
Charles Nurse
Keydance Computer Services
Langley, BC, Canada
1/7/2005 2:04:48 AM
Thanks for checking...

@exptrade2000: I guess you should be able to uncheck the "show on all pages", save and then delete the module, no?
1/7/2005 4:23:19 PM
Some comments on this bug:

I wanted a "Quick links" module on all pages, using the core links module. I got it on all pages with the uncheck/check move :p
changing the control type to dropdown, only changed the module on the start page to a dropdown, on the other pages, it remained listed links.
adding a link on either of pages, adds the link to the control on al pages, so this works fine

http://www.purplebox.be site is in dutch, needs some dutch localizations, more pages. I know 3.0.8 is still beta, but I just needed a site for the sake of a site. And comments on 3.0.8 looked like there will be an upgrade path to the RC and later the release. besides I'm curently only using core modules.
If I am feeling luky tomorow, I'll fiddle around a little with it on a dev install.

1/7/2005 5:30:14 PM