3.0.12 Installing Custom Modules doesn't work Plan B

All right,  I'm now trying Plan B to get modules to install:


I get through steps 1. through 3. below just fine.  When I get to step 4., I see no radio buttons  Looks like I’m dead in the water again.   What’s next?



From the DotNetNuke 3.0 Module Developer’s Guide


Use the following procedure to install your module:

  1. Logon as Host access.
  2. Go to the File Manager under the Host menu.
  3. Click on the Upload button in the top toolbar of the File Manager.
  4. In the Upload File screen, select Custom Module from the radio button selection.
  5. Click on the browse button to find your assembly package.
  6. Click Add to display the package in the list.
  7. Click Upload to upload the assembly to the server.

Once the file is uploaded DNN will look for the .dnn file to find the information it needs in order to configure your module into the portal. The File Manager will display the status of the module installation on the screen. If any errors are encountered during the install process, DNN will let you know by displaying the specific problem on the screen in bold red text.

If everything installs correctly, you should now be able to add your module to a page by selecting it from the drop down menu.


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Looks like a carry over from DNN2 slipped into that document.

Here's a step by step guide with pictures for DNN3.

Install Custom Module Tutorial

John M.

DotNetNuke Module for Performance
3/28/2005 1:31:19 AM

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