.NET framework 2.0 and DNN 2.0

I have built a brand new XP SP2 machine. Got to install DNN. I am unable to install MSDE as I did last year. XP SP2.0 simply rolls back the installation mid-way. 

Now that I have almost resigned in that direction, I intend to try SQL Server Express, which requires .NET framework 2.0.
Q1. Will DNN 2.0 be happy with it? What should I know before I do anything.
Q2. Is there a particular version of DNN I need to use?
Q3. Just curious, will DNN 2.0 work with VB.NET express?
Q4. Just curious, would any of you know why MSDE doesn't install on XP SP2?
I am going crazy without a working DNN site at home. Please help! Your guidance or URLs are GREATLY appreciated!
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9/13/2004 2:52:28 PM
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I've been fighting an install with SQL Server 2000 and WinXP SP2 as well.  I've been hunting all over the place trying to find good documentation on the error.  

My error is in the ODBC driver and the install quits when it tries to configure the server. You can see more of my ranting at:
* http://www.sqljunkies.com/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2122
* http://www.sqljunkies.com/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2056
I'll let you know if I get anywhere on it.
As for SQL Express ... I don't know why it would throw you any major errors. But the best advice I can give you is, "Try it and see." Heck ... if you don't have an instance of SQL anyway, what have you got to loose? :-)

Erik France
9/13/2004 8:22:27 PM
You must re-map IIS to use ASP.NET 1.1, this can be done (once ASP.NET 2 is installed by selecting the properties of the site in question, then select the ASP.NET tab and use the drop down to revert to 1.1 (or whatever your previous install was).

Net Data Design
9/13/2004 9:50:56 PM

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