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I am new to DNN4 and are learning how to create custom module. I have previous experience programming in ASPNET 1.0 and VB.NET.

I am having a problem with the css class url definition.



background-image: url(~/images/messageIcon.png);

display: block;


The background image does not display at run time eventhough the file exists on disk in that location. The same definition works fine in an ASPNET application but not in DNN module. The image failed to display.

My question are:

With ASPNET2.0, files are organised into reserved directories App_Code, App_Data, App_Theme etc...

1. Where should all the CSS files and images files be in the DNN web site project?

2. With the above definition, how should I declare the url reference??

3. Can you also direct me to some documentation on where I could read about the DNN4 website directory structure?? eg: I found out that if I declared a public function and put it in the folder DotnetNuke.Library->Components->Shared. Then the function can be accessibled by all modules??

Thanks for your help,


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