Problem with FreeTextBox on a Module with similar functionality to Editing Users and User Roles

I'm trying to design a module and I'm getting an error message when I open the page.  The error message is:-
Error: A Runtime error has occured. Do you wish to debug?
Line: 39
Error: Expected ';'
The issue I have is:-
I have a normal module page that is displaying a list of clients.
I can then edit the clients details by moving to the edit page.
On the edit page, I can further edit some details of the client.  At the bottom of the page, I have an edit button, and it runs this code:-
Response.Redirect(NavigateURL(Me.TabId, "Client Tokens", "Client_id=" & client_ID), True)
In the ModuleControl table, I have the following row:-
ModuleControlID = 227
ModuleDefID = NULL
ControlKey = "Client Tokens"                                        
ControlTitle = "Client Tokens"
ControlSrc = "DesktopModules/TestModulee/ManageTokens.ascx
IconFile= NULL
ControlType = 1
ViewOrder = NULL
HelpUrl = NULL
The best anology I can give to this is it is similar to setting up users, then you can edit users, and then you can have a link to manage their security roles.
My thoughts are that when you move from the edit page to another edit page, that you can't have a freetextbox on the page.
Anyone able to shed some light on this? or provide a solution...
I'm trying to find another module that I can look at that provides similar functionality and includes a FreeTextBox but I can't.
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