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I'm searching for a powerfull News / Article module for DNN 2.x
Of course i'm ready to buy a payware but i can't find any module of that type in snowcovered or elsewhere.
So if you are a module developper i suggest this would be a great enhancement to DNN and a suitable market if your final product is good.
What i'm looking for exactly ? In fact something like a newspaper content management. Be able to create categories, then create articles attached to these cats (with description, full article, picture thumbs, source, author, auto-archive, related articles, send this to a friend, print it, etc.)
A product like Xigla News Manager - (sorry for the pub) plugged in DNN (with the addition of creating restricted zones to registered users wich doesn't seems to be implemented in xigla's product)
Is such a product exists and if not what do you think of the opportunity for a module developper to handle this project and go for sell it ?
thank you
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How about this one?
6/22/2004 6:10:46 PM
Yes I have a free one that includes the source.

I am always looking for suggestions.
Modules, Skins & Skin Objects @
6/23/2004 3:26:12 AM
Hello Scott,

I knew your module wich is really great.
But this doesn't meet exactly the requirements i need for a news artilcles modules.
I'write you directly in that way.
6/23/2004 3:39:18 PM
Ok antione, I look forward to receiving your email..
Modules, Skins & Skin Objects @
6/25/2004 11:19:08 PM

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