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I am looking for a module which should show the last date the site was updated. I tried to find old topics related with this issue but the results were unrelated.. Embarrassed [:$]

I am using DNN212. Can anyone help? I guess this module is in the WANTED list by a lot of ppl...

Thank you for your help!


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nobody? Indifferent [:|] i thought it was an interesting topic but.. Sleep [|-)]
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It is an interesting topic, but the challenge lies in figuring out what updated means in the context of any number of modules. It would require a standard way for all modules to notify the core when their content has been modified. Another question is one of context. What if a module's content has changed, but only some users have access to the changed content? Users unable to see the changed content will note that the site has been updated, but will be unable to find what has changed.

I think this is why most portals use a "What's New" type Announcements module.



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