ITSCS Manage Users 3.0 for DNN 2.x with Import/Export (new)


“ITSCS Manage Users PRO 3.0” allows individual or bulk management of Users and Roles in DotNetNuke single or multi-portal setup
with an option to share users among portals (manual and/or automatic Users & Roles replication) and Import/Export of users and/or roles.
This module is a must-have tool for every DotNetNuke portal administrators with any number of users and roles - particularly in multiportal setup,
but the Import/Export feature makes it simply indispensable for all DotNetNukers.

1. Import/Export of Users, Roles, UserRoles with enhanced options,
2. Manual & automatic multi-portal Users and Roles replication,
3. New filter - Expire Date,
4. Bulk actions - Delete Role,
5. Bulk actions - Export filtered/selected Users,
6. Bulk actions - Add User to Role and set Expire Date,
7. Configure Page navigation List Count,
8. Set Page Size on User List,
9. Go To Page option,
10. Performance optymization when working with large number of users.

Now you can:
- Search user database by:
- Login,
- First Name,
- Last Name,
- Email,
- Created Date,
- Authorized/not authorised,
- Portals (global search (all portals) by Host or search by portal that the user has administrator's rights),
- Role membership of selected portal (multiple selections allowed - this enables you to search for particular role membership combinations on any portal),
- Expiry Date for selected Roles,
- Order your searches by:
- Login,
- First Name,
- Last Name,
- Portal,
- E-mail,
- Last login date,
- Account creation date,
- Country,
- Region,
- City,
- Zip Code,
- Manage Users:
- edit user data,
- add new users,
- delete users,
- add user to role/roles,
- remove user from role/roles,
- set UserRole Expire date,
- export (backup) selected (or all) users,
- bulk add users to role/roles,
- bulk remove users from role/roles,
- bulk add users to another portal/portals,
- bulk delete users,
- Manage roles:
- view roles by portal,
- add new roles by portal,
- delete roles by portal,
- add new role to single or multiple portals with an option to add to all portals
- copy roles between portals,
- bulk add user (or users) to role (roles),
- bulk copy role (or roles) between portals,
- bulk remove roles from portal (portals),

- Replicate users and roles:
- Manual replication:
- replicate all users and roles across existing portals,
- Automatic replication:
- turn On/Off automatic replication of users across all portals on registration,

- Export users, roles and userRoles:
- export users, roles and UserRoles from selected portal,
- set the export format (XML, Excel),
- select users to be exported (filters in Users tab),
- Import users, roles and userRoles:
- import users, roles and UserRoles from data file (XML, Excel),
- set the import mode,
- import all data (users, roles, UserRoles),
- import users and UserRoles only,
- import users only,
- import roles only,
- add additional roles (from target portal) for imported users,
- add expiry date for imported users and roles,
- set method of import exceptions handling (existing/duplicate users/usernames),
- write duplicate data to exceptions file (XML),
- define suffix and append it to the username,
- additional settings:
- set Authorised On/Off,
- send notification to users created during import (important when adding sufix to username during import).
- Host account is NOT visible in Manage Users PRO. If you want to edit the host account you will have to use admin core functionality.
- Normal users (not administrators or host) granted access to the module can only view and manage user accounts - they will not see Host or Adminstators.
- Ordinary users can NOT edit or use bulk actions on users and roles.
- Administrators of any portal (portals) can manage only users and roles from this portal (portals). For other portals the same restrictions as those of normal users will apply.
- Only host can edit and bulk manage administrative accounts of any portal.
- Normal users on the current portal can only view non-administrative roles.
- Any user granted acces to the module can view and edit his own account.
- If you grant Edit Module Content right to normal users role, they will be able to edit normal users and do bulk actions.
The Replication and Import/Export tabs and Host/Admin accounts & roles will be hidden for them.

1. Add "Send notification" option to bulk actions using System Messages,
2. Allow Host/Admin to set module configuration options:
- Define roles that will be enabled for module acces and set the allowed actions for each role. This will allow very fine control over privileges delegation for selected users,
- Define columns to be listed on Users management tab.
3. Add Extended User Data capability:
- Allow Host/Admin to define additional data that will be required,
- Allow Host/Admin to define roles that will be able to enter/access/modify/delete,
- Add search, bulk actions, Import/Export for Extended User Data.
* Please let us know what else would be required.
* We are available for custom coding.

This module has been tested with DNN 2.0.4 and DNN 2.1.2
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Membership Management Suite

Multi Portal User Sharing
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