Integrate CMS.NET(Stephen Fraser) as a module to DotNetNuke!

I'm working on a project at my university.

Now I'm trying to add CMS.NET as a module to DotNetNuke version 3.0.13. Anyone have any idea, please share it with me and other people?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi what is CMS.NET?
McKelt Solutions
5/16/2005 10:30:45 AM

are you talking about the contracting estimating software

I think you will have to get some source code for that from the company

Dylan Barber
read my stupid blog
Pants Optional!
5/16/2005 12:44:37 PM

Hi all,
I though that every one knew CMS.NET. Sorry for that. It's a content management system written by Stephen Fraser, and it comes with the book: Real World ASP.NET Building a content management system, Apress Publish.  You can find the source from . It's free.

The main problem is that, I want to add a content management module to DotNetNuke. And I found that CMS.NET is a .NET content management system that offers the code for free.

Anyone has any idea, please share it with me and others.

Thanks in advance.

5/16/2005 3:12:41 PM
what features out of a content management solution are you looking to gain in DNN?

As there is a couple Content Management modules available and I am working on one as well. What do you see that you need from a content management module for DNN?

5/16/2005 3:38:43 PM
oh thats a littel different - you might search the forum there has been plenty of disscussion over the last year about content management and workflow
Dylan Barber
read my stupid blog
Pants Optional!
5/16/2005 3:55:33 PM
Any one see this It would be cool to integrate into DNN
5/16/2005 5:29:31 PM

Thanks everybody as all of you give me precious advice. I'm hoangnp83.

As a matter of fact, I want a module that can manage the workflow to deliver the content.
The workflow is divided into four stage: Authoring, Editing, Approving, Deploying.
The roles include: Author role, Editor role, Approve role, Deployer role. Each role has many people working in. And when each people publish or post or do something in my portal, I can manage his/her action. (I think that many people did it before, I did a quick search and found many, thanks every people!!!)

Another important thing is the spider module, this module have a very important role: it goes to another big website like (cnn or bbc) that provide the content and gather them into my portal. It does the job of an author but in other way. The author have to go outside to have idea to write. This spider module comes to big news site and get information. The editor only has to edit a little bit before it is posted to the approver to approve the content and to the deployer to deploy it.

Anyone shares it with me! Thanks in advance!


5/17/2005 9:57:39 AM
Looks like two existing modules out there will fit the bill almost 100%

look into OTS content manager and WebHarpoon on

been using webharpoon myself for a few weeks and have to say it is well worth it. Have yet to purchase the latest version of OTS but it looks like it is exactly what you are looking for.

5/17/2005 1:08:26 PM

Thanks midspot,
I think that I can not afford for the latest version of OTS. You know I'm a student, not a manager of a big company. I want to have an open source module or program.
It can be a program or module that is written in other language but can do the same job of this spider module.
Firstly, I think of an rss newsfeed from that website, but that's not enough. For example provide content with only text, they do not have any picture, even the text is not enough, it's in brief. Besides, such big websites in VietNam (vietnamese is the language that I want to use mostly in my site - or or or ) do not offer RSS. So the only way I have is to choose a spider module and it's offered for free.  

Anyone can help me!!! Maybe the document about what a spider is, how it operate, and how to use it. Thanks in advance

All of you are welcome!


5/17/2005 5:22:23 PM
I am working on a module, though not as feature rich as OTC, it will
provide workflow for editors/authors and approvers. I plan on around a
$10 price range with source. I will post when I release (probably about
a couple weeks)

Web Harpoon does a good job of collected content much like an RSS feed only your in control. It brings everything you see (graphics links etc) and is well supported by its creator.

I do not know of any other free solutions to do what you need but Cathal's site may be a great place to start.

5/17/2005 5:34:59 PM

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