Error:Reindexing content works in Parent portal but not on a child portal for custom modules

 I have two portals. one a parent and the other a child. I've a custom module with Isearchable funs implemented and an instance of it is added to two taps, one in each portal. When I index the content, only the module in the parent portal gets indexed! I had tested reindexing on the child portal by adding the Text module and it works fine.

It hase nothing to do with the Supported feature field, because it is the same for all instances of the Desktop module and is set to 3

Do I need to look up the source code for reindexing content?

Any help is greatly appreciated


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I discovered it had nothing to do with the child portal.
I had changed the Module title and it'd set the end date which disabled search for that instance.

I guess this is a bug

If the site admin wanted to change the Module Title from the interface direclty, it would disable search.

the admin has to go to the module settings to change the title and then click update.

Is there a workaround this, I can not tell the admin not to set the title from the interface.

can I ,at least, disable setting the title from the interface directly??


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