DotNetNuke Portal: Why nothing is changed after I customize the existing modules?

I am pretty new for and portal. Does any one can help me? I really appreciate.

1. I tried to modify some vb files for existing modules, i.e. register.ascx.vb, but nothing has been changed after I made the changes. I wondered if I have to compile it. How? I am using Macromedia Dreamwaver MX to edit files now.
2. I have an aspx file, it works fine, I created a new ascx file for new module and I tried to convert aspx file to ascx file for that new module but it didn’t work. The new module is on the web site but I got the error message. When it load the ascx file. Any idea?
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You need to recompile the solution, and then copy the dotnetnuke.dll to the bin folder. if you don't have visual you can use the mk.bat file to recompile. Theres a good resource site here that has useful information on developing DNN and additional modules for non-visual studio users.

12/10/2003 8:45:57 PM
Thank you for your information. Well, finally I got the solution.  Following the instruction in mk.rsf file, I made the changes, then run mk.bat file, I still haven't gotten recompiled dotnetnuke.dll file. Did I miss anything?

12/10/2003 10:11:00 PM

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