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How can i improve this dotnetnuke site SEO?. Still i cannot see this site in google , when i try keyword searching. I have submit to this site google, yahoo, and live


But when i search keyword i cannot see site. If i search domain i can see site

site is



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I have used DNN for several sites and it works great.  I noticed in your source the Keyworks are not comma seperated.  They should be a comma delimited list.

<meta id="MetaKeywords" name="KEYWORDS" content="seeds seed organic seeds garden seeds plant seeds growing seeds vegetable seeds corn seeds buy seeds the seeds tomato seeds cannabis seeds marijuana seeds flower seeds plants seeds gardening seeds planting seeds weed seeds vegetables seeds grow seeds fruit seeds tree seeds seeds name seeds online seeds direct pumkin seeds the seeds band flowers seeds bank seeds perennial seeds seeds roses gardens seeds greenhouse seeds germinating seeds soil seeds garden seed organic vegetable seeds vegetable se,DotNetNuke,DNN" /> 

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How can i improve this dotnetnuke site SEO?.

There are dedicated DotNetNuke support forums at where you'll get a better answer to this.  Tom Kraak is the DNN SEO guru and you'll find him posting there.


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 Hi, bit late to the party with this one - I tried to reply to the thread a few days ago and had to get it moved out of the DNN forum here as apparently that forum is disabled (dont know how you managed to post there in the first place lol?)

Anyway I just wanted to point out that one thing the -might- be causing a problem is a non-standard robots.txt

You use the allow keyword which isnt technically part of the robots.txt specification.

However from looking in the cache of google it seems like you were last visited on 21st of april. If this is a new site it can take you a while before you start ranking for keywords.

Also that massive blob of keywords you have put at the bottom is not going to do you any favours with regards to seo. It was one of the early tricks that worked about 5 years ago but now it is at worst harmful to your ranking and at best useless.
4/27/2009 8:56:50 PM

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