Install DotNetNuke 3.1.1 on Share Hosting Error

I had installed DotNetNuke on share hosting server win 2003 successful. But when I have access my portal, I found problem

 An unhandled error has occurred.

I have set permission for Network service full control

When I'm open Eventlog table, I found the error :

xsi:type="LogDetailInfo"><name>Message</name><value>DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.PageLoadException: Unhandled error loading page. ---&gt; System.Web.HttpParseException: Parser Error: Access denied to 'C:\Program Files\Advanced Communications\HostingController\web'. Failed to start monitoring file changes. ---&gt; System.Web.HttpException: Access denied to 'C:\Program Files\Advanced Communications\HostingController\web'. Failed to start monitoring file changes.

I try install on local server. It work OK

Please help me!

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When you installed on the remote host, did you copy up your files from your local host, or did you attempt to make a default DNN install on the remote host.

The preferred and easier way is to make a fresh default DNN install on the remote host from a freshly unzipped set of install files.  After getting everything working on the remote host with a default DNN install, then work on getting any content migrated over.  Migration is very easy using the portal export tool.  Here are portions of post response from a few minutes ago:

When going from a local host to a remote host, the first goal is to get a basic default DNN install running on the remote host, and then work on getting your stuff migrated over.

Since you have already initiated an install which failed, you need to clear out the files in your web folder (htdocs) and delete or clear out the database.  If you cannot delete the database and create a new one, report back and I'll find the list of what you will have to remove manually to get the old stuff (tables, stored procedures, views, roles, etc.) cleared out.  Load up a fresh set of brand new, unused, standard 3.1.1 install files, and try again.  Remember to rename release.config to web.config and adjust your connection string for your new database (or your old database).

When you get your new remote hosted DNN portal working, then it is time to migrate the portal on your local host.  Log onto the localhost and find and use the export portal feature.  When you do this, the process should note the names and locations of two new files which you can then place on the remote host space via ftp.  Then log in as host on your remote portal, go to the Wizard and import your  portal template from the list.

This works!  This is exactly how I constructed and then moved my own site.  If you have any custom containers on your portal, you may need to reassign them in the new portal.

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