DNN worked for 1 year now says "DotNetNuke Upgrade Error - ERROR: Could not connect to database."

Hi, I have been running DNN for a year with different users setting up
their portals and no worries and no hassles.  Now it is telling me

DotNetNuke Upgrade Error

The Assembly Version ( [ASSEMBLYVERSION] ) does not match the Database Version ( [DATABASEVERSION] )

ERROR: Could not connect to database.

Unspecified error


But I have not upgraded or changed anything.  Using ACCESS.

Any help and guidence on how to fix this would be much appreciated as I don;t want to loose other people's websites!

Thank you for your time :-)

9/1/2005 11:53:21 PM
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Hmm.  Make sure your access database is still there and is still
intact.  I don't remember where DNN2x logs stuff to, but if it
logs to the database, then you might have to go in there and manually
clean it out because its got too big.  Also, make sure nothing
extra has been installed or installed on the site.

-Tony Valenti
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9/2/2005 5:16:58 AM
You might just need a "Compact and Repair Database" operation done on the ACCESS database (using ACCESS - Tools/Database Utiltities)
9/2/2005 4:53:25 PM

Thank you both for your help :-)

I found that there was a ldb file that was old and got it deleted and that fixed it.

I also did think of compressing but the DNN db was 39mb and compacted to 4mb - is this normal to compact so much?  I did the compact on a copy but have not tried it as 25mb compact seemed to me to be a bit excessive!  Would the compacted 4mb db be still ok to use?

thank you once again for your time and help :-)

9/3/2005 2:29:32 AM

MS Access does a poor job of clearing up empty space due to it's design. If you have volatile elements that get filled up, and cleared down regularly (such as the sitelog table), it's quite possible to see a reduction in size of this magnitude. The 4MB database will be ok to use. Note: always backup your database before compacting, as it can be corrupted on occasion.


9/3/2005 3:06:07 AM
Thank you :-)
9/6/2005 8:53:06 AM