Can you print a module? I see some of the modules have a print icon...

That would be a great help if it were possible to print the contents of a module.  Like a text/html module.  Is that a core feature or does DNN use custom modules for it's site?
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it's a Container Objects (read the dotnetnuke skinning.doc in the documentation folder for more details). You can add one to your container definition by adding [PRINTMODULE]/< dnn:PrintModule runat="server" id="dnn PrintModule "> . Take a look at Standard.htm in Portals\_default\Containers\DNN to see the one used on

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Thanks...I'll try to digest all that and figure it out.  Sounds like it's not too difficult.  Thanks again.
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6/2/2004 11:34:08 PM

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I just noticed the "Print Module" functionality at (look for the small printer icons at the bottom of the modules). Where did this come from? How do we get our hands on it? This is fantastic! I have been wanting this for a while and it was on my list of modules to develop! Whoo Hoo! I believe that's something you can add to the container skins, but I don't quite know the functionality to know if the modules require anything specific to use it.ChrisHammond.comEngage Software Man...I gotta learn how to do this. Is the skin that ...

Print Module only prints uninstantiated module
Greetings, I'm writing a student report that is activated by a pulldown list containing all the students'names.This module will sit in a container, inside a dot net nuke portal. I would like for the user to be able to print  JUST the report, by clicking on the print icon that emcompasses the container.The only problem is that when button is clicked, only the UNINSTANTIATED version of the module (the one with the pull down but NO actual report) appears on the separate window.Does anyone know how to specify the print button so it will print whatever is actually inside the con...

What Module is using for DNN3 modules?
The module used for the 3rd party DotNetNuke3 Modules is nice (needs a lot of improvement still, but worlds beyond what is "stock" ), and I would certainly like the opportunity to play with it a bit and consider it for my sites, however I can't figure out what they are using! Shawn: When you use a third party module on the dotnetnuke site, you should probably add a tag line IDing it to the bottom of it so that the rest of us can check it out! Thanks. That is Patrick Santry's Resource Directory Manager. I'm not sure what Patrick's plan are with this module in the future or ...

Hide the Print Module Icon for necessary modules
Hi Guys, I tried the Print Module: refer to Post: It works great. By default, once the Icon is added to the Container/Database. It shows up for all the modules by default. I want to hide the Icon for one of my custom module. I want to do it from the code behind page. I tried something like this in my code behind page (Module1.ascx.vb) inside Page_Load Me.FindControl("imgPrint").Visible = False but it gives me an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I am not s...

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Hi everybody, I want to purchase one module which is the enhancement to the LInks module.I want one more option to be included for the Links module i.e., along with URL,Page,File Links None option also should be there. So when None option is clicked, the page shouln't get refershed,and the contents in the Description should be displayed below the Link heading. Please help me Regards, Sharanya Try MMLinks at It supports templates and localization. You will see that is supports a lot of included effects for your links ahhh...and it is free.Mauricio Márqu...

can anyone let me know the module detail used in!
Need Help!  the module used in DotNetnuke, it is a very good module. I want to use it in my DNN310, but i cann't find mode detail about it, it is free? where can i download it???Need Help)Modules ? Non-Core Modules (Version 3)     Non-Core Modules, Version 3   Don't quote me but I think that is a new module by Nik at called Navigator. I'm not sure when it is being released.Regards, Nick Free Css Skins! |  You can read more about it here:

Can anyone let me know the module's detail used in
Need Help!  the module used in DotNetnuke, it is a very good module. I want to use it in my DNN310, but i cann't find mode detail about it, it is free? where can i download it???Need Help!Modules › Non-Core Modules (Version 3)     Non-Core Modules, Version 3 As the DotNetNuke continues to grow, so to does the number of interesting and intelligent modules developed by members of the community. The following third party offerings are "non-core" modules (and module enhancements) for DotNetNuke 3, provided for fr...

Can anyone let me know the module's detail used in's online help center?
Need Help!the's online help center module is very good, i want to use it in my dnn3, but i cann't find more detail about it! it is free?if not, where can I buy it??Need Help??this link online help center This is the Speerio Navigator module. It is not yet available but will be soon (as soon as I have a chance to fix a few bugs, write the documentation and package it up).NikNik KalyaniSpeerio, Inc.[DotNetNuke and ASP.Net solutions here]...

searching module: print module-content ... as pdf
has someone seen/ found a modul/skinobj, which creates pdfs from content of other modules ... like the print function? We badly need this (and would pay for it!) abcpdf has a component that looks promising.  I've used their Classic ASP version before and it works well.  I'm currently trying offer print to pdf from a module using their .NET version.  There are a few ways to do it.  The typical method is to get everything you want to print in a string variable and then output it to the .AddText or .AddHTML render methods.  This is quite simple but building the...

Printing contents of a module without printing the whole page.
Hi, I am trying to print only one module in my portal. When i use javascript:windows.print() however, it prints out the whole page including the module. Is there a way to print the module only? Any help in this matter will be greatly appriciated. Thanks --Raj I would pass the ModuleID to a popup and have the print function on that page. I am sorry if it sounds like a newbie question, but how do you pass the moduleID? Thanks again --Raj Can you post the code of your page so that I can fit it into your structure. The methods referenced in this post can been seen at w...

Print Module -How To?
Greetings. I have a custom module that has several user input controls. One of them is the DNN calendar control, with the associated text box next to it and it is preset to today's date. I can pick a new date hit the submit button and get the results that I expect as the date that was selected if preserved. But when I click the DNN print option that window is reset to the initial page load values. Do I need to do something special to print what I see? Thanks in advance. Ralph I'm not sure but do I have to do add the various controls/values to viewstate so that when the print acti...

Print Module
Hello, I am trying to print the contents of a custom module which has been populated with information from intermodule communication.  The problem that I am having is that when printing is allowed on the module the default value is displayed on the print page and not the new information. After some research, I found this post: which is useful if you have query string params.  Since the information is being passed through intermodule communication, I am unable to use it. I was hoping someone out there has some ideas?  Thank you....

how we can make module in c# for dotnetnuke
hello i m working with dotnetnuke but i am new to this field i want to know how to  make module in c# for dotnetnuke. i hav tried many time but faill to do so. plz help me Hello rashid, dnnjungle has an excellent tutorial on how to create modules, as well as a project template plugin that you can use with visual studio to create DNN projects in c#. you can find the tutorial here: Regards,Andreas. Bo's site also has some good c# development help.Cathal i have check...

How can i create new Modules for DotNetNuke
Hi, How can i create new modules for DotNetNuke websites? We are thinking about hosting DotNetNuke and really need a way users can totally modify their webpages look. We would also like to make our own modules and upload them to DotNetNuke. Is there a way? Replacing bunch of aspx and css pages on IIS doesnt sound very attractive to me. Thanks- and sorry about the qwerty account J. Check the \(DotNetNuke folder)\Documentation\Public folder for the DotNetNuke Module Developer's Guide.  It's a good start. This site is an invaluable resource for creating modules...

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