Can one user use one sign in and have access to multiple portals and be asign different permisions and roles for each portal?

Hi All,

With DotNetNuke or a addin is it possible to do the following?

I need to have an inviroment where I can maintain multiple groups
assign users to be aministrators of their own groups and create
their own groups (sites) and assign permissions to their users.
Some of these groups may have certain areas that require memberships
that need to be renewed.

I'm currently looking a rewriting my sites to combine them to do this
but I think DotNetNuke might be able to do this for me.
currently when a user logs into one of my sites and browses another
completely differnt site they don;t have to log in again which is convienent
for the user.

the layout I'm looking for is one code source to maintain to do the following:

support multiple domain urls
and so on

each site would look completely different in look and feel
each site may or may not share some data between the sites
A member may belong too one or more sites
A member should not have to log in to each site sepreatly
when a member moves from one site to another their permissions should change accordingly
Areas with in one or more sites may be restricted based on user role or membership
The addmin should be able to designate what content can be shared and with what groups, sites
Does any one know if DotNetNuke has this ability
or how hard it would be to create a setup like this?


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