Dynamic Slave Controls - Dynamically add and remove controls without a dispatch control?

I am working a solution to enhance slave controls. I have created a proof of concept based on the 2.04 code base that shows how to load slave controls without switching to the admin view. I have included a sample module that contains 3 view controls. Each control has a row of buttons that can be used to load one of the other 2 controls. (and no I am not using panels.) The default control has a drop down of other instances of the dynamic control that exist on the current tab. Using the module communicator you can raise an event from one control that tells another instance of the module what control to load

I used the access dataprovider so all you need to do is create a virtual directory called DNNSwap
*What doesn't work.
-The module action menu doesn't work all of the time after swapping controls
-Edit module properties - This does not work, if you set it you will need to remove the control and it
*Why do this
-more complex modules could benefit with the ability to interact with other controls on a tab, Yes they can currently do this but only the default view control can. Currently if a slave control is loaded it is loaded into the admin skin and other controls are not available.
I have provided an example HERE
I have provided a more in depth discussion HERE

5/12/2004 9:26:45 PM
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Awesome. Sadly I lack the time to play much in this area, but I think I can add some ideas to solve at least one or two of the issues. Time is short though, but hopefully this weekend ill get to DL your work and apply a few things I've been messing with and see if they help.

Keep it up! This is greatly needed research.
John Laroche


magicModules Custom DNN Design and Programming

5/13/2004 3:54:44 AM
Hi bert,

this is something I've always wanted to do. I'll take a look at yor discussion.
The main reason/profit I see in the behaviour is what I call don't loosing context. If you have a module highly related to it's surrounding modules it's very nice having the option to don't swicth to a 'slave edit control' and load all controls without loosing it's neighbours.
I've always think of such an improuvment to Dnn, in where you could choose for each control how it should behave.
Nice try bert.
5/21/2004 12:34:15 PM
Vicenc and John,  thanks for taking the time to check it out.  I havent had too much time to work on it latley put think I have figured out a few of my issues.

I was having trouble swapping the controls on durein the control init or load. All of teh swapping that my demo shows now is done in response to a button click evetn. At this time the entire control tree is loaded and swapping can occur. When I attempt to do it on Init or Load the control tree is not complete and I get an error.
I think that I can work around this issue by creating a custom placeholder control that each module will be loaded onto. This control will deterine what controls to load and unload.
I plan on messing with it again after the May 31st release. I also want to make a more practical example using the AV calendar module.
5/21/2004 2:09:22 PM
Hi Bert

I did a button mainmenu that dynamically loaded controls. It uses Session and works like this:
I think in vb.net you can use the instr() method instead of IndexOf.

foreach(string r in Request.Form.Keys)
// Hier die einzelnen Buttons eintragen
if (m_uc != "ucLocations.ascx")
// aha es gab ein Wechsel also State ändern
m_nuc = "ucLocations.ascx";
if (m_uc != "ucTeams.ascx")
m_nuc = "ucTeams.ascx";
if (m_uc != "ucGames.ascx")
m_nuc = "ucGames.ascx";

5/24/2004 12:02:12 PM

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