Are there user account changes in DNN 2.2?

I was wondering if DNN 2.2 will change how user accounts are done? I read on this forum that user accounts will now be unique to the portal versus the current user accounts being global to the entire DNN server.
Is this true? If so, could somebody explain to me how one would migrate from DNN 2.1.2 to 2.2 if they have 100's of portals with users registered in all sorts of ways (registered on 1 portal or 10 portals etc).
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It is true that the users are handled completely different in 2.2 vs. how it was done in 2.1.2.  There are several changes such as how the data is stored, you can no longer use Context.User.Identity.Name, etc.   

As for how you will migrate from 2.1.2 to 2.2, I am fairly certain the core upgrade logic will handle this for you. (I have not tested this yet, nor am I certain it is complete at this time thus the reason for the "fairly certain")

Chris Paterra

10/9/2004 3:31:01 PM
Thanks for the update thecrispy1.

I heard that user accounts would now be unique to the DNN portal in 2.2, yet I can't seem to pinpoint any post that says this. Is that in fact true?
Thx again : )
10/9/2004 7:05:26 PM
"I heard that user accounts would now be unique to the DNN portal in 2.2, yet I can't seem to pinpoint any post that says this. Is that in fact true?"

Yes, if you have looked at whidbey, the portalid is equivalent to there concept of a applicationId which is the key into the table.
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10/10/2004 11:04:48 AM
Thanks smcculloch for the update.  I am nowhere near as technically savvy as you and a lot of people, however, I suspect that a lot of people are like me and do not understand 95% of what the whidbey stuff means.  I did read it but I didn't understand how it really applied to DNN.

Thanks for confirming the "rumor" for me : )
PS - Will you be updating your modules, specifically the news updating ones to work with DNN 3.0?
10/10/2004 8:41:36 PM
"PS - Will you be updating your modules, specifically the news updating ones to work with DNN 3.0? "

Yes, I am really excited about integrating some of the newer features into it. Things like Localisation, Friendly Urls (Deep Crawling of News Articles), SectionHeadControls should make it cool, :)
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10/11/2004 12:14:37 AM
Did I mention that I love you smcculloch??

PS - When you update your news system, please add CSS for font sizes and colors!
10/11/2004 2:20:26 PM
Do you need more control then this here?
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10/11/2004 4:02:12 PM
Hey Scott,

Yea I used that CSS that you linked, but that CSS doesn't seem to affect font colors. Maybe I am missing something, but I have your module on one of my pages and I can't seem to change the font color at all, even if I set every color in that CSS clippit in your link to red, it doesn't seem to work.
10/12/2004 9:26:09 AM
I know currently that you can schedule a role to expire after a set amount of time. Can you set a user's account to expire as well? For example, a user registers to my private site and I authorize them. Can I at that point set that one user account to expire in one year? 

What I am really looking for is something like Hotmail. If your account is inactive for a period of time, they disable it. If not too much time has passed after it has been disabled, you can reactivate it.
10/12/2004 2:44:52 PM

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