Web Custom Control - Create Control, Assign ID Name, ID Name Changes

 I wrote this web custom control, and finally got all the embedded images and script files to embed, and display properly.

But when I assign a name to the ID of the Control, the server changes the ID Name.

So I have a control called txtMovieEmbed, and I assign the ID as txtMovieEmbed.

But when the control renders, the name changes to ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder2_txtMovieEmbed


txtMovieEmbed = New TextBox
txtMovieEmbed.Width = 325
txtMovieEmbed.CssClass = "FormControl"
txtMovieEmbed.ReadOnly = True
txtMovieEmbed.Text = MovieEmbedCode
txtMovieEmbed.ID = "txtMovieEmbed"
txtMovieEmbed.Attributes.Add("onclick", "MovieEmbed()")


I have embedded javasscript that fires on the onclick event

Function MovieEmbed() {
I can hard code the new name in, but I want to make the control flexible where you can drop the control anywhere on any page,
 and my javascript picks up the correct id name. 
Any suggestions or wisdom is a huge thanks, and will allow me to create  good controls.
3/3/2008 7:41:05 PM
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There are two different IDs available: ID, which is the one you are setting, and the one that you would use to programmatically find the control, alter it, etc, on the server.

The second ID is the ID a controls is ClientID, which is the ID that is rendered for use on the client-side (i.e., from within the webpage while it is being viewed, such as what javascript would reference).

 If you use the ClientID in your javascript code, you'll never have to hard-code the id. 

If you do a Google Search on NamingContainers, you should be able to get more information on why controls are renamed.

MCP - Web Based Client Development .NET 2.0
3/3/2008 11:07:21 PM

I will spend some time reading info on naming containers, I understand it more now after reading a couple of articles.

3/4/2008 12:17:06 AM

 Ended up creating all of the controls in preinit, to base the names of all the added controls on the ID of the original control.


Protected Overrides Sub OnInit(ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

		ibTeamMember = New ImageButton
		ibTeamMember.ID = "ib" & [ID]
		ibTeamMember.AlternateText = "Photo Image"
		ibTeamMember.ImageUrl = [MemberImageSource]
		ibTeamMember.ImageAlign = ImageAlign.AbsMiddle

		Panel_TeamMember = New Panel
		Panel_TeamMember.ID = "Panel_" & [ID]

		HME_TeamMember = New AjaxControlToolkit.HoverMenuExtender
		HME_TeamMember.PopupControlID = Panel_TeamMember.ID
		HME_TeamMember.TargetControlID = ibTeamMember.ID
		HME_TeamMember.HoverCssClass = "DoctorDetails"
		HME_TeamMember.OffsetX = 0
		HME_TeamMember.OffsetY = 5
		HME_TeamMember.PopDelay = 25
		HME_TeamMember.PopupPosition = HoverMenuPopupPosition.Bottom


	End Sub
3/5/2008 12:25:07 AM

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