simple way to create a custom control (like Panel) that you can drag and drop other controls into at design time

Hi ,

I need to create one custom control like panel, for containing some other controls into at design time. I tried with panel custom control but I am not able to add other server controls to that custom panel control at design time. Could anyone please help me out.



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You need to override CreateChildControls function.

Inside the function something like this:

TextBox T = new TextBox();



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nha, I think I am able to do that in coding. but my need is I have to drag some control from toolbox and drop it into my custom control (consider customPanel). Means I need to create control as panel as working with some extra custom propoerties

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Ok sorry Smile

I have never done, but you can try to take a look to [Designer(typeof(ContainerControlDesigner))] decoration. You need to add a reference to System.Design.dll.

Take a look to:


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Hi ,

Those links are really useful.I got it.

Thanks lot.


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