Removing Dynamic Controls

when i post back and my pages calls LoadViewState(object) and then calls "CreateChildControls" how can i handle removing controls if that value of what control i should remove does not get set in the viewstate until the click event of my button???? which means i wont have the value of the removed control until it post back again....which will leave me with having to click my delete button twice to remove the control from the page...any help on how to firgure this out??

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What you need to do is Get rid of CreateChildControls because u need to update your view state before your UI will reflect the changes.....Next u should get the id of the control that is calling this event in the button CLick event or where ever like so

    public void btnDelete_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        NumberOfControls -= 1;
update the viewstate property then pass the sender down to another method in which will remove your controls from the list like so
     public void RemoveControl(object ControltoRemove)

        Button deleteButton = (Button)ControltoRemove;
        string ClientID = deleteButton.ClientID;
        ClientID = ClientID.Replace("WucTimeWorkedGrid0_", String.Empty);
        ClientID = ClientID.Replace("_btnDelete", String.Empty);

        Control crtl = (Control)UiTimeWorkedContainter.FindControl(ClientID);
        if (crtl != null)
            int index = UiTimeWorkedContainter.Controls.IndexOf(crtl);
           if (index >= UiTimeWorkedContainter.Controls.Count)
               index = index - 1;
               crtl.Visible = false;
               crtl.Visible = false;
 And that is how u can remove Dynamic controls and have them be refelcted in the UI when the delete button is clicked.....thanks...HAPPY CODING!!!

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