Extending DropDownList's Methods (trying to put javascript code to parent page of the control on certain methods)


 Now i am creating a dropdown list that can filter and search keywords inside while typing on it. Normally, .net DropdownList doesn't supports that kind of features like windows' combo box. For that reason, I extended the dropdownlist class and tried to put that javascript code inside the databind() method, by overriding it. Unfortunately, it is unsuccessful and I thought that the way I am doing have some problems. So i would like to ask for a help from any one of you. 

 What I tried to do is to put the javascript inside dropdownlist's parent page while dropdownlist databind() or render() is called.

 Please help me. Followings are my code for your better understanding. Thank you very much indeed.


public override void DataBind()

            Panel _pn = new Panel();
            _pn.Width = new Unit("3px");

            string script = "<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n var z=dhtmlXComboFromSelect(\"" + this.ClientID + "\");z.enableFilteringMode(true);\n z.attachEvent(\"onBlur\",onBlurValidate);\n" +
                "function onBlurValidate()\n{" +
                "var selText = z.getSelectedText();\n\n" +
                "if(selText == \"\")\n" +
                "{z.setComboText(\"\");}" +
                "}\n" +

            HtmlGenericControl Include = new HtmlGenericControl();
            Include.InnerHtml = script;




8/23/2008 5:37:35 AM
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Your code should work in a textbox.  On the DropDownList, you have to add (items)

.Item,Add(New ListItem("Name", "Value")

.Item.Remove(Some Syntax)

Perhaps just renaming the item via javascript will work, but I don't know how

Wait, perhaps changing the selected index based on text input could work 

8/23/2008 6:44:05 PM

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