Controlling the controls a validator validates


I want to control which controls appear for a validator when they go to controltovalidate dropdown in property grid.  Is the solution to create a designer for the control?  How do you regulate that?  I can't override the ControlToValidate property...



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Well ur logic is true, thats the way, what u need to do is not override the property (cant), create another property, that implement ur logic.

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Boy Brian, you have been rewriting validation for a while now. You already know that I already did all of this, so let me give you a hint here.

While you cannot override ControlToValidate, you can create a ControlDesigner class that defines the PreFilterProperties() method. That method is allowed to insert or replace any attribute attached to the property, such as the EditorAttribute. I'm sure there are numerous examples on the web of using this property.

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I was thinking that might be the solution, but wasn't sure if there was an easier way.  Thank you for the help.


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