can't Add property to Custom Grid view

 I Create A custom Gridview.

I need to add som custom properties to this control, but when I add the property I get error in design view  (it works fine in website):

'ds' could not be set on property 'CssClass_Main'

 this is my code: 

1    namespace Onev_Controls
2    {
3        public partial class DataView : GridView
4        {
6            private string _CssClass_Main = "DataView_Main";
7            public string CssClass_Main
8            {
9                get
10               {
11                   if (ViewState["DataView_CssClass_Main"] == null)
12                   {
13                       ViewState["DataView_CssClass_Main"] = _CssClass_Main;
14                       return ViewState["DataView_CssClass_Main"].ToString();
15                   }
16                   return ViewState["DataView_CssClass_Main"].ToString();
17               }
18               set { ViewState["DataView_CssClass_Main"] = value; }
19           }
20        }
21   }
         <Onev:DataView ID="DataViewID" runat="server"  CssClass_Main="ds">


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It works fine on my side. What's your Visual Studio edition?

Allen Chen
Microsoft Online Community Support

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4/27/2009 7:58:48 AM

 I am using vs2008.

It's working now, I needed to shutdown the program and open it again.... strange stuff

4/27/2009 9:47:12 PM

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