How do I use CSS Friendly Control Adapters

I’ve been reading a lot on the CSS Friendly Control Adapters and I getting a lot of conflicting and confusing information.


There seems to be two approaches to the use of these which appears to derives from there being two implementations. An older version which involved running a vsi file which I can’t seem to find in the package. And a later method which seems to only involve adding a refrence to the dll file and adding a App_Browsers folder and placing the CSSFriendlyAdapters.browser file in the folder.


Here’s an example, I’m looking at a page from this site, “ASP.NET 2.0 CSS Friendly Control Adapters: The Walkthrough” and it begins with instructions to download the “source” and to then run the vsi file. No vsi file.


So further looking and I find advice to not use this release because it had some bugs and there have been improvements that don’t require this approach at all. Furthermore when I look on Microsoft’s Codeplex site it recommends just using the dll file and the .browser file. But that doesn’t appear to provide anything or if it does I can find no instructions on how to implement it.


So far I haven’t been able to get either of these methods to produce any discernable effect. Several of the things I’ve read say that there will be a new template in the New Web Site dialogue box. This I guess is produced from running the vsi file in the Source package which like I’ve mentioned doesn’t exist.


Is there any step-by-step information anywhere that doesn’t assume that I’m a seasoned programmer.


I should probably provide some background here.


I have been working on learning C# and ASP for about 3 months now. I have worked a fair bit with CSS and HTML and I have built a few CSS driven menus. Also I actually started on the C# part of this several months earlier but it has been perused in fits and starts due to numerous other demands and distractions. Because I’ve been absorbed mostly in the ASP part of this I haven’t had my hands in the C# for about 6 weeks now.


I’m using VS 2005


Thank you all for your help.


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I've just started using the css adapters myself and this is what i did:

  1. add reference to the dll
  2. copy and paste the browser file to App_Browsers folder

"discernable effect", i assume you mean the visual rendering is not as expected, try copying the css files that come with zipped source code to your project.

Hope this helps.

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OK I think I finally got what’s going on. Took me for ever to spot this. I checked the “View Source” from the rendered page and it is rendering the menu as a ul rather than a table. So I started with the menu.css sample file and did some tweaking to it and sure enough it is working.. So that’s cool, but I have another problem now. When the menu runs, the drop downs won’t stay visible when you move the cursor off of the top menu item. I’m pretty sure I’ve run into this when working with straight CSS menus but I don’t remember what the fix is.


Has anyone else run into this?


Thank you Mustak 173. It really was just that simple.


By discernable effect I meant that the examples I was looking at had a bunch of files that were added to the project that I wasn’t getting. Of course those files were part of the Source package which I was never able to implement due to no vsi file. I was never sure whether those extra file were necessary. Apparently they were not. Any way I think I’m almost there.



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