Using Pull method with SQL server and VB.Net 1.1

I am using the developer 11 version of Crystal.

I have created a few reports successfully using the push method (creating a dataset, populating it then assigning it to the report). Because of decision making that is needed in some of the sub-reports etc. I chose to use a larger dataset rather than many more database lookups returning smaller data sets.

I am trying to figure out whether I can accomplish some of this using the pull method.

I need to be able to use the same report from multiple sites using differnt databases and credentials. It LOOKS like if I try to use the pull method I have to use ADO and set the values for the database and credentials at creation time.

That's okay as long as I can tell the report to change them from my web-code behind. What I'd like to do is use crystal to connect to the database and interact directly with the stored procedures only calling the data needed, when needed, as opposed to me populating a dataset with all of the possible combinations of data that might be needed depending on which subreport is clicked etc.

Can I do this (pull)? If so, how can I programatically change the database connection info to point to another database at deployment time?

Thanks for your help.


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