upgrading vb.net to vb.net 2003 crystal report viewer problem.

I have a vb.net web. app that has several pages each with a different crystal report on it.  It works perfectly under vb.net.  I've since installed vb.net 2003.  After I open the solution in 2003 & it does its upgrade, all of the crystal report viewer controls are corrupted. 

If I try to run it as is I get the following error: "The base class includes the field 'myname' but its type (CrystalDecisions.Web.CrystalReportViewer) is not compatible with the type of control(CrystalDecisions.Web.CrystalReportViewer).
So I tried deleting the control and adding back on. & when I run it I get the following error:
"BC30560:'CrystalReportViewer' is ambiguous in the namespace 'CrystalDecisions.Web'
in C:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v1.14322\......
it generated:
dim _ctrl as CrystalDecisions.Web.CrystalReportViewer
& in the .aspx it generated:
dim _ctrl = new CrystalDecisions.Web.CrystalReportViewer
I only have this problem in asp.net. My windows programs work ok in 2003. How do I fix or get around this problem without recoding all of my web pages?

1/28/2004 11:34:40 PM
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Check the application deployment article crnet_deployment.doc  from CR web site.  If you already done so, then good luck.
1/29/2004 7:08:48 PM
Thanks, I should have gone there first.  It solved my problem.  When upgrading from 2002 to 2003 the assembly references in the web.config file don't get updated to the correct version.  Once I manually changed all references of 9.1.3300.0 to 9.1.5000.0 it worked fine.  Thanks.
1/29/2004 9:19:24 PM
I am glad it helped you.  Now I need your expertise on deployment.  I followed the article did a straight deployment.  However, the setup keep on copying the files to a sub folder of one of my web site instead of the virtual directory I setup. Eventhoug I changed the property on the manufacturer etc... as the paper said.  I have no idea why?  

To work around, I have to manually move the files to the virtual directory defined during the installation. It then allowed me to display the reports. However, the images on the tool bar all are missing. I found one article C2011144 said that I need to copy the CrystalReportFormViewer virtual directory to my reporting web site. However, when I did that, it complained that I already have the virtual directory. So, I am still in loss. I hope you can tell me whether you have the same problems or not, how you did it. What I missing?
1/29/2004 11:59:02 PM
I had the same problem the first time I tried to install an asp.net project.  You have to specifically tell the deployment/setup application to install the files & where to put them.

In your setup project open the File System Explorer. Right Click the "Web Application Folder" & select "Add" then "Project Output" from the menu. This will bring up the "Add Project Output Group" dialog box. You need to Select both the "Primary Output" & "Content Files" then hit OK. The "Primary Output" will include the .dll executable code created by your project. & the "Content Files" will include all of your aspx files & other files you need on the server.
You also need to set the "Virtual Directory" property of the "Web Application Folder". This needs to be the exact name of the virtual folder you want to install the project to. This can also be set in the File System Explorer.
For Crystal Reports there are also 3 Merge Modules you should add to your deployment.
Managed.msm, Database_Access_enu.msm & Regwiz.msm. Or if you are using 2003: Crystal_Managed2003.msm, Crystal_database_access2003.msm, & Crystal_regwiz2003.msm.
A book I've found useful is "Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.Net" by David McAmis.

1/30/2004 3:55:55 PM
I did everthing you mentioned, however, I still have the same errors.  I also read the book and can not find the answer.  May be you can help me by showing me how it should be in IIS if I have the site deployed correctly.

I outlined my IIS to show how it was installed by the setup and its corresponding physical directory. Please tell me how it different from your web site. (windows 2003)
Internet Information Servier
FTP site
Application Pool
Default Web Site
CrystalReportWebFormViewer (C:\program files\MS Visual Studio.Net 2003 \Crystal Reports\Viewers\) (Do you have this setup in here?)
IBuySpy (d:\IbuySpy)
eLoneStar (this is the manufacture name in the web setup property )
CrystalReport (.... but the setup copy the site to here d:\eLoneStar\CrystalReport)
CrystalReport (I defined my virtual direcotry here as D:\Crystal Report)
The 1st problem I have is that I can not get the CrystalReport web site setup as a main web site as I defined. This is ok for now, because I can always move it to the right place as I hoped.
The 2nd problem is how to copy the CrystalReportWebFormViewer default web site to my CrystalReport's web site?
according to article C2011144. "If the virtual directory for the Crystal Reports Web Forms Viewer exists in 'Default Web Site' and the web application's web site is not 'Dafult Web Site', Copy the virtual directory to the web application's web site." How do you do that? or Do you need to do that?
I hope this can let you understand my specific questions. If you prefer, send me detailed information or illustration to my email tmccuan2@yahoo.com

1/30/2004 6:17:10 PM
I think your problem is more of an asp.net/IIS problem than it is Crystal Reports.  Some one with more asp.net experience may be able to tell you exactly how to do what you want.  I'll tell you how I've got mine set up.

Internet information Services
---Computer Name(your web server1?)
--------ftp site
--------Default web site
------------mApp(my application) - this is were all of my files installed
All of my files were installed under the default web site. Which is located at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot. The CrystalReportWebFormViewer2 went to the exact same location as yours did.
In my setup the manufacturer is Fiserv. But that does not generate anything under IIS. The virtual directory for the "Web Application Folder" is mApp.
If I understand what you are trying to do. You want your application to be its own web site separate from the default web site. like I have mine.
I think what you need to do is change the "TARGETDIR" property. If you go back to your "File System" explorer & look at the properties for the "Web Application Folder" there is one called "Property" & it is set at TARGETDIR. This defaults to the default web site. So used together with the "Virtual Directory" property, it will be installed at \TARGETDIR\Virtual Direcory. In my case it is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mApp.
What you need to do is change the TARGETDIR property. Either thru the setup project or during the installation of your app. Unfortunatly I don't know exactly how to do either. When you run the setup doesn't it ask you what port number to use & the name of the virtual directory?
I may be off base here but, I'm thinking that you may have to set up another web site under IIS. Lets say you call it MyWebSite & you point it to your D:\MyWebSite. Then for the Web Application Folder you say Crystal Report for the virtual directory property. Then when you run the installation you enter MyWebSite instead of letting it use the default settings. Then all of your stuff would be under d:\MyWebSite\crystal report. & I would guess that either a new CrystalReportWebFormViewer would be created that either points to a new set of files on your D: drive Or back to the ones on your C: drive.
It also occured to me that instead of copying the CrystalReportWebFormViewer files to your directory that you could use the IIS wizard & setup another virtual directory & point it to where the original files are. At least then you won't get that error about them already being there.
Anyway I hope that at least gives you someplace to start.
1/30/2004 8:41:53 PM
Believe it or not, the illustration of your IIS settings helped me a lot.  I may have basic IIS problems on our windows 2003 server.  I like to confirm 2 more questiona.  Are you deploying your crystal reports site on the intranet or internet? Do you have server extention installed on IIS?  

From day one I tried to deploy any .NET projects, I have to create a New Web Site from the WEB SITE category otherwise, it will not be able to be viewed on the internet. If I created under the "default web site", then I can only see the site inside our own network or intranet but not internet.
I acctually did the same steps as described in your last 2 paragrsphs and expected the same result as you did. Yet, that is not the case. I end up have to manually move the files over the web site myself. I can not move the WebFormviewer2 becasue it is already created. Even I deleted it, it still says "IIS may not start the site, Another Site may already been using the port..."
I'd appreciate if you can answer the 2 questions I had. If so, I may need to do something on our IIS server.
Meanwhile, I found out the Targetdir property. However, it is grayed out. I just built another setup project and did an install. It still created under the same e-LoneStar web site eventhough I changed everthing over to the CrystalReports web site. I have to find out how to change the Targetdir property.
Thanks a lot,
2/2/2004 4:44:54 PM
It is an inhouse intranet web site.  & server extensions have not been installed.  

If you have successfully installed other web applications that did not use crystal reports, then I'm at a loss to explain why the crystal reports does not work.
Sorry I didn't have better advice.
2/2/2004 6:12:11 PM

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