How to use Crystal Report Selection Formula manually in my Crystal Report page.


I have Link button on each gridview row and I want to take priview of that row through Crystal Report viewer when I click on Link Button on Gridview row. 

In this  CrystalReports1.aspx.cs page I am using record number '35' and it is showing this record correctly but I want to view the each record which is clicked on Linkbutton.




<asp:LinkButton ID = "commandSelect" text = "Preview" Runat="Server" OnClick="commandSelect_Click"/>




protected void commandSelect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)



LinkButton btn = new LinkButton();

btn = (LinkButton)sender;

GridViewRow grdRow = ((GridViewRow)btn.Parent.Parent);string keyID;

keyID = grdRow.Cells[1].Text.Trim();

//where Cells[1] is the column index where you store your primary key

Session["Quotation_No"] = keyID;this.Response.Redirect("CrystalReports1.aspx");



protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


 // Here I want to change but not aware how to apply code when click on Link Button.

this.CrystalReportViewer1.SelectionFormula = "{Quotation_Master.QUOTATION_NO} = 35";

// I want to change here what will be the code for display the record on click the link button.

I put here Quotation_No = 35 which record is displaying on Link button click.




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 // Here I want to change but not aware how to apply code when click on Link Button.

this.CrystalReportViewer1.SelectionFormula = "{Quotation_Master.QUOTATION_NO} = 35";

// I want to change here what will be the code for display the record on click the link button.

I put here Quotation_No = 35 which record is displaying on Link button click.


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