how to create crystal report using VB.NET with the database of ACCESS


 i want to create crystal report of my project.

em using access database...!  


but i have no idea how to create reports using VB.NET with the access db

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 i create the report but it shows only one record

2/24/2009 6:09:12 PM

 hi ......

You can do it PUSH method of creating crystal reports...!!!!! In push method Typed Dataset is used as the data sourcefor crystal report...!!!

Steps for creating the report could be.....

1. add a typed dataset to your solution.

2.go to server explorer.

3.connect your access file to your server explorer.

4.Change data base..

5.attach access file..!!

6.test connection...

7. Drag and drop the table from server explorer to typed Dataset..

8. Now add a crystal report to your solution....

9. at report creation wizard, get the dataset from project data...6

10. Design the report....

11. use following code for OLEDB conection...

cn = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\MyDB.mdb;")

12. now create an object ( say ds ) of your dataset, and fill that with the data....using the "data adapter".

13. create an instanse of crystal report viewer ... and with all other coding , set the datasource of your report Document to ds .......


i hope this'll help you....!!!!!!


please mark as ans.. if the post helps you..!!!


3/3/2009 11:51:12 AM

 actually i was trying to show you the snap shots.... but dont know why the images are not visible in the post...... by the way.. i think the post will help you..!!!!!!!

3/3/2009 12:14:18 PM

 thankx for the reply...!

 if u post the coding for creating report i will be very thankful of u ....!


3/4/2009 4:49:26 AM

ohh yes .. why not...!!!!!

after adding the dataset and creating the schema of your table you should...

1. add...




2.Create a DataTable containing the data for the report:

Imports System.Data.OleDb

Dim strConnection As String = "..."

Dim Connection As New OleDbConnection(strConnection)

Dim strSQL As String = "Select * From Customers"

Dim DA As New OleDbDataAdapter(strSQL, Connection)

Dim DS As New DataSet1 '(DataSet1 is the typed dataset)


' Create a datatable in your dataset. The datatable's name

' must match that in the schema file used by the report.


DA.Fill(DS, "Customers")

3. CrystalReport's .RPT file::

Dim strReportPath As String = Application.StartupPath & _"\" &
strReportName & ".rpt"
If Not IO.File.Exists(strReportPath) Then
Throw (New Exception("Unable to locate report file:" & _
vbCrLf & strReportPath))
End If

4. set datasource ::

Dim cr As New ReportDocument

' always remember one thing that the table name should be exactly same in
'Typed dataset and your code behind

5.Do what ever you like to do with your report viewer...!!

CrystalReportViewer.ShowRefreshButton = False
CrystalReportViewer.ShowCloseButton = False
CrystalReportViewer.ShowGroupTreeButton = False
CrystalReportViewer.ReportSource = cr

i think this should be enough for you to create report using crystal

please mark as answer if the post helps you...!!!Wink

3/4/2009 6:13:13 AM

here are some links ... which will definately help you....
happy programming...!!!!! Smile
-------------------------------------------------------------- please mark as answer if post helps you...!!!

3/4/2009 6:33:11 AM

thank you so much my friend i will try it later then i will inform you :) thankx

3/4/2009 7:56:43 AM

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