Crystal Reports Licensing and VS.Net 2005

I have been researching licensing information for Crystal Reports, and I have come across contradicting answers.   We currently have Visual Studio 2005, which comes with Crystal Reports.  I read that this version can have only 5 concurrent users viewing reports.  I am currently developing a internal ASP website that our 75+ employees will be using.  The reports will be part of the project and stored in something like ~reports/ folder. My question is when the project gets deployed (remember internal only) do we need to buy licensing for Crystal reports, or are we fine with what was included with VS.Net? 

 The only reason I am looking into Crystal Reports is the ease of printing a report at the push of a button instead of opening it on the page. 



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I have the very same question.  Has anyone shed any light on the subject for you?

8/7/2007 3:34:21 PM

Nope no answer on this.  I was looking into this because I was trying to use SQL Reporting Services 2005 to print a report out automatically when a button is clicked from the web app.  I actually found a way to do this, so I sort of left crystal reports in the dust.

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Well, I am certainly glad you found another answer.  I (unfortunately) will have to continue searching for my answer.

 ~take care  

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If you think more than 5 people will be simultaneously accessing reports, you need a Crystal reports license (look at the Developer version, not Pro).  Also, if you don't register your VS.NET version of Crystal Reports, reports may stop working after a couple of weeks.  Registering your VS.NET version is free.  You get an access key and registration number when you register it.  But you will still only get 5 simultaneous connections to reports.  If a 6th person tries to access a report, they will get the license seat exceeded error (or if it as a web application, they will actually get a generic error page telling them custom error reporting is not turned on, unless you are using custom error reporting).  Crystal Reports Developer edition includes the capability for incorporating Crystal Reports into applications.  That will give you more seats.  Whether you need more seats depends on how heavily accessed reports will be.  I have 300+ users and they almost never collide on reports access, since reports are typically only open for a short period of time, while they are clicking the print button.  If your users will be opening reports and browsing them for extended periods of time, you may run out of seats.  So it really depends on how your users are going to be using the reports.

8/8/2007 10:34:48 AM

That was exactly what I needed to know.  Thank you very much!

8/8/2007 2:27:27 PM

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