Crystal for VS.NET 2005 and logon on SQL SERVER 2005

Hello everybody,


I need to interface a webapplication with a crystal report on a SQL server 2005 database

I'm using the reportdocument class to create my report which I then map to the Crystalreportviewer.

In my code i've a method which sets the logon information for all the tables used in the report. This is the code:


void SetLogonDetailsForReport(ref ReportDocument repDoc)


int i;

for (i = 0; i <= repDoc.Database.Tables.Count - 1; i++)


TableLogOnInfo logOnInfos = new TableLogOnInfo();

logOnInfos.ConnectionInfo.ServerName =  <<server address>>


logOnInfos.ConnectionInfo.DatabaseName =


logOnInfos.ConnectionInfo.UserID =


logOnInfos.ConnectionInfo.Password =


logOnInfos.ConnectionInfo.IntegratedSecurity =





The problem is that the report viewer shows me the additional logon information after having set all the parameters...
When done, the report is showing nicely into the webpage.

Any idea how to prevent this from happening??

Thanks in advance


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Never mind,


Solved my problem by redefining a new OLEDB connection to the SQL server...

works perfectly now



6/30/2006 9:17:43 PM

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