Converting VS 2003 Crystal reports to VS 2005 crystal reports - need help


    I have converted a VS 2003 project that has few Crstalreports in it to VS 2005. All the dlls got converted good except the Crystalreports part. I have a sub routine called ExportReport() in a page called GenerateReport.aspx page in VS 2003 which generates the report in a word or excel etc... based on what user selects.  

Tthe first line I have is

Dim myReport as new CrystalReport1

and this works perfect in VS 2003. But when I converted the entire project to VS 2005 it CrystalReport is not recognised by the IDE and I see a blue line underneath.

So as a remedy I also tried adding





references to to my VS 2005 project by right clicking on the project and by picking the "Add Reference..."   option but it doesn't seem like it did some thing for me and it still "CrystalReport1"  in my VS 2005.


Have any one run into this kind of conversion from VS 2003 to VS 2005? Please advice.



Thanks in advance,






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