Changing a reports datasource at runtime

I thought I'd post this after wasting many hours of time with Crystal .NET v10. I

found a number of samples on CR's website that showed how to change datasource/user/pwd at runtime but none worked. The reports would always open the datasource they were originally designed against.
Call CrLogon() , the line of code that fixed everything and that was left out in all samples is
tbl.Location = tbl.Location in the AppllyLogon procedure. This line makes no sense and shows poor programming practices. Obviousily the set property does some work that should be done elswhere.
This is based on a KB from CR's site but their search engine will not find it but Google's did.
.....thank you Google. I now understand why CR is a freebie.

public shared function CrLogon(cr as ReportDocument, server as string, db as string, id as string, pass as string) as Boolean
'Use this to change the database logon info for a crystal report
dim ci as ConnectionInfo = new ConnectionInfo()
dim subObj as SubreportObject
ci.ServerName = server
ci.DatabaseName = db
ci.UserID = id
ci.Password = pass
if ApplyLogon(cr, ci) then
for each obj as ReportObject in cr.ReportDefinition.ReportObjects
if typeof obj.Kind.GetType() is CrystalDecisions.Shared.ReportObjectKind then
subObj = ctype(obj, SubreportObject)
if not ApplyLogon(cr.OpenSubreport(subObj.SubreportName), ci) then
end if
end if
CrLogon = True
end if
end function
private shared function ApplyLogon(cr as ReportDocument, ci as ConnectionInfo ) as Boolean

dim li as TableLogOnInfo
dim success as Boolean

for each tbl as Table in cr.Database.Tables
li = tbl.LogOnInfo
li.ConnectionInfo = ci
'check if logon was successful
'if TestConnectivity returns false, check logon credentials
if tbl.TestConnectivity() then
'drop fully qualified table location
if tbl.Location.IndexOf(".") > 0 then
tbl.Location = tbl.Location.Substring(tbl.Location.LastIndexOf(".") + 1)
tbl.Location = tbl.Location 'THIS IS LINE LEFT OUT IN ALL SAMPLES I SAW
end if
success = false
exit for
end if
success = True
end function

Mike Schellenberger - MCAD
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Thanks for the code!

Were you using CR 10, or CR.NET? They are two separate products. There is no CR.NET v10. CR.NET could be described as CR 9 "lite", and has limitations. When you purchase CR 9 or CR 10, you're purchasing a more robust and powerful document object.
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5/18/2004 5:02:22 PM
V10 is crap to.
Mike Schellenberger - MCAD
5/18/2004 6:04:41 PM
Let me clarify the previous. 

We bought V10 Developer which works with .NET, a support tech told me V10 is is basically the same as what came with VS.NET.
The V10 product installed the V9 help as a seperate install but did not update help in Visual Studio. CR support says use V9 documentation as little has changed for 10 (WRONG). I'm not sure what the .NET version is 9 or 10 or both or what.
I've never ever seen such a confusing mess of stuff, avoid Crystal Reports if you value your time and sanity.

Mike Schellenberger - MCAD
5/18/2004 6:17:19 PM
>I'm not sure what the .NET version is 9 or 10 or both or what

Neither, and you got some lousy advice if they said V10 is "basically the same as what comes with .NET". No wonder you're mad!
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5/18/2004 8:24:59 PM

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