Web Application Running running real slow when working with data over the Internet.

I created web application based on the Visual Studio 2005 personal Web Site Starter Kit template that works but is slow when working with data (edit, select, update etc).  If I am just selecting menu items and/or navigating to diferent pages to view the master page records everything is ok or seems ok.

I attached a sql server 2005 DB that consists of part records to the website and creadted master and detail pages that have a gridview and formview control that allows the end-user to edit and enter data.  I have Drop Down List that update releted text fields when a selection is made.  I uploaded the web application and DB files to the ISP and modified the web.config file to point to the ISP DB locations to get the web application to fuction from the ISP site. 

I have listed below where the web application slows down almost to a halt:

1. Edit a record in gridview can take up to 1 min and 40 secs to switch modes.
2. Select 3 or more records on a master page that will be displayed on a detail page can take up to 1 minute and 40 secs. 
3. Drop down list with auto post bake can take up to 51 secs.

Please tell me what you think I did wrong and share your suggestions about how to improve the Web application speed.

Thinking outloud in my head of a backup plan:
Moreover, I check my internet speed and I should not have a speed problem, but, I do understand that I am pasing data over the internet versus the Intranet, Which makes me think, maybe I
should convert this to an desktop version where a user can upload and download data to the webserver db and just run the pages on their. It sounds nice but, would probally take a
lot of time to redo the whole application in a form version. 

Is ther a way to convert the webapplication into a desktop version without redoing everypage?

8/5/2008 6:43:15 PM
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Make sure it is compiled in "Release" Mode not in "Debug" 

8/5/2008 7:39:05 PM

Thank you, I will look up "Release" Mode and let you know what happens.



8/5/2008 7:49:03 PM

 >1. Edit a record in gridview can take up to 1 min and 40 secs to switch modes.

The simple  answer to this is don't! Instead hyperlink from the detail line of the grid to an edit form. After updating or cancel, return top the list. Next give the user an option  to reduce the number of lines displayed.

How big is the dataset? If using SQL2005, you can fetch just enough records to display - this will reduce your pagestate. See:

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8/5/2008 8:13:08 PM

Thank you both,

This article helped me understand Visual Studio Debug and Release Modes: http://odetocode.com/Blogs/scott/archive/2005/11/15/2464.aspx.  I also enabled paging for the gridview and limit the page to disply 50 records at a time. 

The only issue I noticed at this time is with the Drop Down List Auto Post Back.  When the I select a record the page refreshes which affects performance.  What do you suggest I do to improve this issue?

8/6/2008 3:35:47 AM

 >The only issue I noticed at this time is with the Drop Down List Auto Post Back.
>When the I select a record the page refreshes which affects performance.
>What do you suggest I do to improve this issue?

Is the auto post-back of the DDL required? If not just turn it off, otherwise use the Ajax.net cascading drop-down to limit the extent of the redraw.

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8/6/2008 5:00:08 AM

I have five DDLs that are required to use the Auto Post Back to trigger the DDL DataBound Events that are use to populate text in related text box fields after a DDL selection is made.  Thrree of the DDLS are cascading drop-downs that update the related text box fields after a selection in the third DDL has been made.  The other two are just DDLs that update a sinlge text box field afer a selection has been made.

 I will work on the Ajax.net cascading DropDown.  I added the Ajax Control Toolkit and will let you know what happens.

 Thank you again,

8/6/2008 2:18:41 PM

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