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I'm using VS 2005's Personal Web Site Starter Kit to start a new web site. Once I clicked ok to create the web site by the starter kit and got SQL Server 2005 installed, I pressed Ctl + F5. I was abled to see the web site right away. The default document is Default.aspx.

I would like to add a new home page to the website, so I was trying to change the default document to be another .aspx file. However, as there is no IIS virtual path set to it, I am not sure how to change the default document.

Could anyone give me some help? Thanks.

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Based on your description, I think you want to set another .aspx page as default page when you try to run your website, right?

If so, we can set the page that we want to run firstly as Start Page by right clicking that page and selecting "Set As Start Page" in Visual Studio.

If we deploy it on IIS, we can add that page name to Default Document list (enter website properties window in IIS and click Documents tab, and then click Add button to add it).


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas Sun
Microsoft Online Community Support

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