Need helps on deploying a web services or web app to an existing web server

Hi people,

I am going to deploy a new web service and a new web application to an existing web server, which is also hosting several other web apps. I am told that the IIS CAN NOT BE STOPPED, which means I can not build a MSIs to install them.

Looks like only two options I can use:


2) Publish the web service or web app through the VS 2008.

Can anyone please give me some advices what is the best way to have a deployment without any interruptings and less problems.

Thank you. 


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use FTP to copy files from your system to web hoster system. you can search and download the FTP software from web or use visualstudio's built-in ftp.

 login into your account from ftp and upload your files. and test.


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 Thanks raju for the info.

It is deployed in an intranet server. It is not necessary to FTP.


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When we want to deploy a website to server, we can precompile this website or xcopy the website files to the virtual directory on IIS, and then configure it, such as ASP.NET version etc.

For more information, see Deploying ASP.NET Applications (

I look forward to receiving your test results.

Thomas Sun
Microsoft Online Community Support

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