How to setup Windows authentication mode for a web application deployed using a web setup project ?


I would like to know if it is possible to set up the authentication mode to "Windows Authentication" for a web application deployed on IIS using a web setup project from Visual Studio 2005 and also how to do that. I know that after deploying the web application using the MSI file I can manually edit the security settings from the IIS and set the authentication mode to "Integrate Windows authentication", but I would like to do this at deploy time.

Since I was not able to do that, I tried an open-source project, Windows Installer XML v3.0 - this project eventually creates an MSI file, exactly as VS 2005 web setup  project will, but running the WiX MSI will create a web site inside IIS where the authentication mode is set to Windows. I have opened both MSI files using ORCA editor and the WiX generated MSI contains very specific IIS information (tables like IIsWebAddress, IIsWebApplication, IIsWebApplicationExtension, IIsWebDirProperties, IIsWebSite and IIsWebVirtualDir). The VS 2005 generated MSI contains none of these tables - the only table related to IIS I could find is _IISProperties.

Here is my development/deployment enviroment:
Windows XP Professional Edition, SP2 (IIS 5.1)
Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition, SP1
.NET Framework 2.0

Thank you very much !

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Take a look at and MSDeploy.


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Hi Jeff,

 Thanks for your replay. Anyway, I have solved it using a custom action written in C# and adding it inside my web setup project at Install custom actions sections.

In order to make the custom action work as expected, please add the following line in the CustomActionData property: /VirtualDirectory="[TARGETVDIR]" /HostName="[ComputerName]".

    public class IisIntegratedWindowsAuthenticationInstaller : Installer{
        private const string EVENT_LOG_SOURCE = "IisIntegratedWindowsAuthenticationInstaller";
        private const string HOST_NAME = "HostName";
        private const string VIRTUAL_DIRECTORY = "VirtualDirectory";

        /// <summary>
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="stateSaver"></param>
        public override void Install(IDictionary stateSaver){

        private void SetWindowsAuthenticationMode(){
                //uncomment the line bellow if you want to debug the code
                //(this class must be compiled using Debug configuration)
                    string.Format("Getting value from context parameter '{0}'", VIRTUAL_DIRECTORY));

                string virtualDirectory = Context.Parameters[VIRTUAL_DIRECTORY];

                    string.Format("'{0}' = '{1}'", VIRTUAL_DIRECTORY, virtualDirectory));

                    string.Format("Getting value from context parameter '{0}'", HOST_NAME));

                string hostName = Context.Parameters[HOST_NAME];

                    string.Format("'{0}' = '{1}'", HOST_NAME, hostName));

                    string.Format("Trying to set the web site {0} authentication mode to 'Windows authentication'", virtualDirectory));

                DirectoryEntry targetWebDirectoryEntry =
                    new DirectoryEntry(string.Format("IIS://{0}/W3SVC/1/Root/{1}", hostName, virtualDirectory));
                targetWebDirectoryEntry.InvokeSet("AuthFlags", new object[]{AuthenticationTypes.ReadonlyServer});

                    string.Format("Web site {0} authentication mode was set to 'Windows authentication'", virtualDirectory));
            } catch(Exception ex){
                EventLog.WriteEntry(EVENT_LOG_SOURCE, string.Format("Error encountered: {0}\n{1}", ex.Message, ex.StackTrace),

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